Smarter Fleet Management

Welcome to the SmarTrack® fleet management system. The SmarTrack® Fleet Management system is designed to provide information to assist you better manage your fleet and improve safety.

The SmarTrack® features include:

  • Machine Operator access control
  • Operator prestart checklist
  • Machine usage tracking
  • Uneconomical or abusive usage tracking
  • Operator productivity tracking
  • Speed zoning
  • Simple communications back to base

Technical Support


For SmarTrack® inquiries in East Coast and Pacific Region

 +61 (0)7 3385 0172


For SmarTrack® inquiries in West Coast and Asia Regions

 +61 (0)8 9353 3819

Salt Lake City

For SmarTrack® inquiries in North America

 +1 801 938 9214

Product Information

Visit RCT online for more information on the SmarTrack® Fleet Management Solution..

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